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CVSHEALTHSURVEY – CVS Health Survey – Win $1,000

CVS Health needs your feedback! They are inviting you to participate in the customer satisfaction survey that is reflected on your receipt. Give feedback to CVS and win $1,000. Yet, Your feedback will restrict when you fulfill the below prerequisite. The main focus on these factors:

  • CVS Health Survey offers for the residents of the United States.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You need a CVS Pharmacy® receipt with the 17-digits survey code.
  • Survey code use within three days.
  • Coupon code use within 3 days

How to Share experience with www.cvshealthsurvey.com

Here’s what you need to finish the CVS Health Survey (located at www.cvshealthsurvey.com) and redeem the invitation code printed on your receipt:

  1. Ensure receipt in your hand.
  2. Visit www.cvshealthsurvey.com to launched
  3. Follow the instructions carefully on the website.
  4. Click “Start Feedback” to begin.

Have you recently purchased on the visit CVS Pharmacy? If so, your feedback is required!

It would take your couple of minutes to complete CVSHealthSurvey and you will win $1,000.

All you need to do is have your CVS Pharmacy receipt handy, be ready to give your honest experience about your recent visit. The review comprises a question to which you should reply besides furnishing CVS with a lot of your private data, for example, Address, Contact and Age, and so on.

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12 replies
  1. VIda
    VIda says:

    Being old ……it’s difficult to figure out how all this electronic world works. To my surprise Jeremy at your store 4301 Bee Ridge Rd Sarasota,Fl was my hero. I needed to make a print from my phone and had no idea how to start. Not only did he help me, but said it was easy and did it for me…hooray for hiring a person that cares and is willing to go the extra step. Kudos to my CVS close to my house..Make sure he gets this message…it’s rewarding and a hooray to his work ethic. Thanks!🥰🏁

  2. Regina Donofrio
    Regina Donofrio says:

    Just want to tell you that the Pharmacy Manager, Helena Reichert at Target is one of the most helpful and professional staff person that I have come across in years. If you can find more staff like Helena you are on
    to a successful business. Thank you for finally staffing your CVS with caring and considerate people. We
    are an elderly couple and it nice to have someone take the time to explain things. I was so impressed with her that I have transferred my drug account to the Target location.

  3. Donna
    Donna says:

    Went to CVS on 5405 49th street n cashier ( Tichaona) was VERY rude. Instead of placing my change in my hand she dropped it in my hand then the loose change fell and instead of saying sorry she just walked away and didn’t even say have a nice day or anything. I am also a cashier and that Is Not how you get customers to come back. I will not shop at that store again. Thank you

  4. Duane
    Duane says:

    Never had any experience with & don’t ever want any with CVS pharmacy. ER placed an order on 10/19 for meds. Was promised for p/u on 10/20 at 9:14P.M. Finally on 10/22 on or about 2:00p.m. was available for p/u.

  5. Bob Peary
    Bob Peary says:

    CVS in Belleview Florida is the absolute worst pharmacy in the area.The wash room is always dirty.The help seems to have a chip on their shoulders and the manager,Patrick is a complete incompetent.I’ve had several bad experiences with this clown and will not shop there again

  6. Ronald Kurtz
    Ronald Kurtz says:

    When I call about when to pick-up my medication, it is never ready at the time they give me to pick it up and I am told to come back or wait 20 minutes.

  7. Norman Schultz
    Norman Schultz says:

    The Layton CVS store stands out among many stores from management to employees I can do ideology whatever you need they will take the time patience listening skills and parrot back so that there’s a clear understanding of what your needs so they can meet them. The manager in the pharmacy I’m a disabled vet I usually go to the salt lake VA Hospital but instead due to painful circumstances I had to go to Layton IHC. The VA covers all my medicines100%. I had to cover these on my own being outside it’s facility. I didn’t have enough to get all of them. The manager found a way to get them and it didn’t cost me a cent. I don’t know how he did it but he did it some way whether he called the VA I don’t know but I am grateful for such tanasity. Your employees Sarah and Zion should be applauded Zion tried to download pictures from my cell phone but machine didn’t take it so she tried on my phone and it still couldn’t get it accomplished she tried everything she knew what she was doing these are employees that make CVS best in the market place. Walgreens I didn’t get any help he didn’t even try to download my phone. The difference in that can do attitude it’s a reflection of the store itself God bless your company I my phone number is 3853061822 Norman Schultz

  8. Pamela Clifton
    Pamela Clifton says:

    Every time I deal with this pharmacy always trouble, they are rude,mean ignorant. I hate going in there,only because it’s convenient.468 blue hill ave,horrible workers ,some


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