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Tell ALDI evaluates the outlets by gathering customer’s experiences on a daily basis.

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Get rewarded for your appraisals by completing your feedback; you have a chance to win £100 vouchers every six weeks.


TELLALDI Survey needs your feedback! They are inviting you to participate in the customer satisfaction survey that is reflected on your receipt. Give feedback to Like ALDI Tell ALDI Survey and get a chance to win £100 vouchers every six weeks. Yet 11 prizes of £100 of Aldi vouchers to be won every month, Your feedback will restrict when you fulfill the below prerequisite. The main focus on these factors:

  • TELLALDI offers residential of the United Kingdom & United States.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You need a Tell ALDI receipt with the store number and receipt code.
  • Survey code use within three days.
  • You are only eligible to win one prize in any 12 weeks.

How to Share feedback with www.tellaldi.com

Here’s what you need to finish the Tell ALDI Survey (located at www.tellaldi.com) and redeem the invitation code on your receipt:

  1. Ensure receipt in your hand.
  2. Visit www.tellaldi.com to launched
  3. Follow the instructions carefully on the website.
  4. Click “Start Feedback” to begin.

Have you recently purchased on the visit Aldi? If so, your feedback is required!

It would take your couple of minutes to complete Like Aldi Tell Aldi feedback and you will win £100 vouchers.

All you need to do is have your ALDI receipt handy, be ready to give your honest experience about your recent visit. The review comprises a question to which you should reply alongside furnishing Tell ALDI with a portion of your private data, for example, Address, Contact and Age, and so on.

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4 replies
  1. Ralph simpson
    Ralph simpson says:

    I shop at Aldiss weekly prior to my trip to Walmart, I’m normally able to get our grocery items for a lot less. Quality products. I wish there was a store closer

    MR P FINLEY says:

    I was served by Christene at the longridge store yesterday, what a lovely person she is and always the same every time that she is on the till when visit,
    I give the store and Christene 10/10 food quality and other dry goods excellent.

  3. Malcolm Crow
    Malcolm Crow says:

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Aldi is becoming an anti-white organization, it is now promoting ‘We Support African Farmers’ literature within its stores. Aldi; we do not need your GloboHomo reset agenda…

    Support British Farms, Farmers, and workers! That should be your one and only promotion when selling to British people, not the Bolshevik slogans that your useful idiots in the pr department produce.

  4. Amanda Odonnell
    Amanda Odonnell says:

    aldi honiton super impressed store clean tidy staff very happy cheerful very helpful no more lidl for me ignorant management dirty store miserable staff except maybe one or 2 well done aldi served by carla


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